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When active labor pattern has been established, you can head to the birth centre where you will be greeted and cared for by your midwife/s and doula.  You may labor and birth in whatever position feels best to you.  As long as you and your baby are stable and healthy, you are free to walk around (even outside in our beautiful garden).  We encourage you to stay well hydrated and eat to your comfort.  You may have your partner with you to help you through the labour and a doula will be helping you as well. Pictures and video are welcomed!


Our aim through our birthing centre is to establish a new, safe and sustainable facility for healthy low-risk pregnancies to be cared for and monitored during antenatal, delivery and postnatal. We hope to help woman to rediscover pregnancy, birth and motherhood as an intuitive, natural and empowering journey. We believe this can be accomplished by creating a ‘homelike’ environment with skilled and compassionate midwives and doulas. We want woman to feel loved and cared for here, to go home with wonderful memories, marvelling at themselves and how strong they really are.